As a China large lighting glass fixtures supplier, We manufacture and export our lamp glasses around the world for the lighting companies and design companies etc. Normally, we supply glass lamp shades, hand blown glass fixtures for custom lights, glass cover, glass diffuser, and water drop of glass fixtures etc. for the manufacturers and distributors of lighting industry.
More, we are making more and more custom glass, hand blown glass for the designers and architects around the world for their lighting projects.If you want to make some special glass lighting project for your business, we can help.

Glass lamp shades
Color: white/clear/blue

We have been supplying glass lamp shades for ceiling light, pendant lamp, table lamp, floor lamp, desk light, wall light, wall sconce, standing lampl for more than 10 years in China.

"Be reliable, and be quality" is the aim we did before, and now, and forever to our customers. That make us be the nice partner with our clients like lighting company and designer company.

Our quality of glass fixtures, and reliable support, make our customers success for their lighting business around the world.

  • Reliable support
  • Quality glass lamp shades
  • Custom glass fixtures
  • Quick respond and responsibility
  • Mini Order Quantity
  • Made in China
  • Designed from the top designers around the world

What we care about our customers ?

What quality details we care about for the hand blown glass fixtures?

  • Be honest to our customers
  • Be reliable for the customers' trust.
  • Do best for the Italy design.
  • Make the top quality support from China.
  • Sample first before mass order.
  • Check all details before shipment.

Crystal glass rods and tubes

Color: amber, transparent, amber gradual to clear. The diameter and length, and color all could be up to the request of clients.

carambola starfruit shade
of glass rods

Exactly, it is called "plum blossom shade glass tube" in China, as the shade of the tube like plum blossom type.

What lighting to use the glass rods?.

How long of the tubes we can make?

  • Crystal glass chandelier lighting
  • Custom chandelier lights.
  • Length from 10 cm to 100 cm.
  • Diameter from 10 MM / 12 MM to 30 MM.
  • Free sample is available.

Can supply OEM lamp glass fixtures?

Can make the top quality of hand blown glass?

  • Yes, we made OEM service for some lighting company from European
  • The glass parts can for custom lights.
  • Yes, the top quality of glass fixtures almost like the crystal K9.
  • If you have sample, we can make all same as you like.
  • Free sample is available to power "MADE IN CHINA".
hand blown glass from China for LASVIT AND PRECIOSA MURANO

Hand blown glass fixtures from China OEM lighting glass parts supplier