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We are a reliable lamp glass fixtures supplier in China for the customers around the world. For lighting industry, we mainly supply the glass lamp shades, glass fixture of lamp cover, hand blown glass, Murano glass of chandelier, lighting diffuser of glass, glass tube, glass rod, glass balls, glass globe, glass crystal, optic glass, crackle glass, curved glass, cylinder glass, tempered glass plate for ceiling lights, custom glass fixtures, glass for installing art objects, etc. As one of best glass supplier, we just supply glass for the lighting factories in China, but also, we exported the glass fixtures for the clients around the world with best price and reliable support. If need glass fixtures for any lighting projects, welcome to contact us. We are making more and more bespoke hand blown glass for the designers and architect to make out their dream glass lighting and glass installed art projects. And as our factory in China, that makes us to supply the glass fixtures at quick shipment with good price. About the quality for checking, the free sample is available for our first cooperation on the lighting glass business.

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There are many many glass fixtures for the lighting industry. Almost all of types of lamp glasses you can find here. Should need to custom glass fixture of your own lighting, it's OK to send us the drawing or picture for our reference to produce. More, we can produce all of glass lampshades in the market hot sales.

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Our glass fixtures make light value !

The reliable supply of lamp glass to help our partners get more success in the lighting business

welcome to the lighting glass fixtures world:

There are many types of glass fixtures for lighting: Glass shades, MURANO chandelier glass fixtures, Hand blown glass, Glass diffuse.

Any question about the lamp glasses fixtures, please feel free to let us know.

We are happy to make glass fixtures and perfect solution for your lighting business and projects.

All of light glass fixtures are made in China factory and sold to the clients all over the world. We can make a total solution for your light glass orders including the shipping and custom made design of glass

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