lantern glass lamp shade for pendant lights from CHINA SUPPLIER

We updated a lantern glass lamp shade in milk white color for pendant lights

We can see the later milk white glass lamp shade in the photo. But, it is a “1”, a materials to design for glass lamps. The […]

glass globe ball for lamp shade

We are making a glass globe glass ball for lamp shade family. All the glass ball lamp shades in many many size: from diameter 100 mm […]
hand blown glass rod for custom chandelier light from china glass fixtures supplier

hand blown glass for custom chandelier lighting from china glass lamp shades and light glass fixtures supplier

chandelier glass lamp shades mini shade in clear and frosted glass

chandelier glass lamp shades mini shade in clear and frosted glass


LED optical lens from china light glass manufacturer


Lamp glass fixtures designed in MURANO island are made in China glass parts supplier for Czech Republic lighting designing company


Optic glass

We supply clear optic glass for led lighting, and the lighting of cars.

Glass lampshades made in China with best price to support our partners in the lighting business


Hello, lamp glass world!

Welcome to Lamp Glass fixtures world! This is a world to supply the lighting glasses for the lighting company and designed company, and other customers in […]